Apparently, the devil dares not venture into Cornwall, as it is said that if he ever crossed the Tamar he’d be chopped up and put in a pasty!

The original Cornish pasty contains only steak, potato, swede and onion all wrapped in a side crimped pastry jacket and there is an amazing variety of them – and each baker guards their own recipe with care. In Mullion you can try a variety at the café’s, pubs and tea rooms and of course get a fresh piping hot takeaway from the instore bakery at SPAR in the middle of the village.

And aside from pasties nothing can approach the quality of Cornish food, especially its seafood. Roast sea bream with parsley butter and  Cornish potato cake, crab devil sauce with Cornish splits or baked herrings with shallots. Baked lobster, crab soufflé, roast sea bass, scallops and many other local dishes can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Mullion’s local restaurants and chip shop will always try and offer a catch of the day but get in early as its popular. Enjoy great fish & chips and much more at The Galleon, where you can sit in – or take your wrapped meal down to the harbour or the beach, for the perfect setting to feel the salty sea on your lips as you eat your chips.  if you prefer to cook your own, buy fresh local fish from New Wave Fish on the Willis Vean industrial Estate.

Whether its fine dining or bar meals The Mullion Cove Hotel offers a dramatic cliff top setting to enjoy its wonderful food, and on a warm day a seat on the terrace is a must. Fresh, home-made cooking can be enjoyed at Mullion Meadow Coffee Shop where you can also see chocolate being made at the Chocolate Factory.

Mullion is home to two traditional pubs, both of which have various music, quiz and charity nights. They also both offer a fine Sunday lunch, which is very popular and usually best to book best to book. And if you are a fan of gin be sure to check out the Cornish brews such as Tarquin’s or Mullion’s own Curio.
The award-winning Mounts Bay Inn offers a wide range of home cooked traditional and Cornish meals and fresh fish dishes. Watch out for their many themed menus throughout the year to celebrate nations, events and cuisines – the Fish Festival is one of the most eagerly awaited and the beer and cider weekend goes down a treat. The 16th Century thatched and beamed Old Inn offers delicious, freshly cooked dishes and a selection of daily specials. It is also welcomes dogs into the pub.
As well as the fine 19th hole, Mullion Golf Club has well regarded restaurant and a very popular Sunday lunch, open to players and visitors alike.

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In the village centre home-made take-away curries, made from the best fresh local ingredients, many grown by themselves, can be bought from the Cornish Curry Company. As with all the best, it is very popular, so it is often a good idea to order early on the phone, or get there when it opens, order your meal for a bit later and enjoy a pint or two in the pub whilst it is being cooked.
As well as all your essentials, SPAR offers a range of fresh meat from the well-regarded Vincent’s family butchers in St Keverne, local smoked fish and cheeses.

Mullion has its own cream tea called ‘Thunder and Lightning‘, originating from the legend of a shipwreck in which barrels of syrup were washed ashore. Instead of the traditional Cornish cream tea of scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream the Mullion variety combines Cornish splits – or scones – topped with clotted cream and golden syrup or treacle. It can be enjoyed at Porth Mellin Tea Rooms, down at the cove, along with a wide variety of delicious home-made cakes and sandwiches.
Enjoy a midday or afternoon snack on your clifftop or countryside walk with a Cornish cream tea at Mullion Cove hotel. But always remember, jam first, then cream – never the other way around or you shall be ostracised to Devon.
Finally, there is a delicious range of local drinks to be enjoyed. Cornish Mead, which tastes of honey and is known as the ‘honeymooners’ drink and Cornish apple scrumpy and many rich, flavoursome Cornish bottled beers, many of which are brewed on the Lizard.

The fun is to discover these mouth-watering specialities in and around Mullion for yourself.